Eggs under Cloud with Home Fries

Yummy late breakfast for a lazy weekend….



5 cooked red potatoes
4 eggs
1 small onion
1 small red pepper
salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika
olive oil


Home Fries: Cook potatoes until tender but firm. Let potatoes to cool off. Cut the potatoes in a quarters.  Transfer the potatoes to a sheet pan and spread out into 1 layer. Sprinkle the potatoes with salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder. Cut onion and pepper into thin stripes, place over potatoes.  Add olive oil. Mix well. Roast in the oven until browned and crisp about 1 hour.

Eggs: In a skillet, heat up 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. Add the eggs gently into the skillet. Cook 2 minutes, after add 1/4 cup of water and cover. Cook until the white is opaque and the yolk gets cover by white cloud. Then sprinkle with salt and pepper as desired. Now just slide the egg from the skillet onto a plate. Serve with home fries, salad and toast.

Salad: Dice cucumber and cherry tomatoes. In a bowl, mix tomatoes and cucumber, add salt, pepper, juiced lemon, and dill. Mix well.


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