Homemade Lemonade

Today a Hot day again!!!





10 large juicy lemons ( 1 1/2 cup of juice)

3/4 cup sugar

fresh mint


In a saucepan, combine sugar and 2 cups water. Bring to boil and stir to dissolve sugar. Let to cool to room temperature. Set aside. Squeeze fresh juice from lemon, remove seeds. In 1 gallon jar or pitcher mix together lemon juice, syrup and fill water to 1 gallon. Serve chilled or with ice and fresh mint.


Grey Goose’s Honey Deuce

I can’t be at the US Open final today but I will celebrate the game with the Grey Goose’s Honey Deuce. This amazing drink was created by Nick Mautone.



1.25 oz of Grey Goose vodka
3 oz fresh squeezed lemonde
0.5 oz Chambord or premium raspberry liqueur
frozen honeydew melons


Place honeydew melon in a freezer, then to create melon balls, use melon baller. Fill a chilled highball glass with ice and add Grey Goose vodka. Top with lemonade and then add Chambord. Garnish with honeydew melon balls.